Our agenda

Our way of life and the present economy must change in such a way that it is ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable in the longer term. In order to meet anticipated future challenges, we need a society that is resilient and solidly united. That is why we decided to rethink our support for science and technology in areas of research and education in Lower Saxony with the funding initiative zukunft.niedersachsen. The program is a massive and sustainable investment in Lower Saxony as a science location. The focus is on the major transformation topics: digitality and cutting-edge research. 

  • The Foundation’s funding area “Transformation” supports projects that address basic human needs and global future opportunities for which Lower Saxony’s economy and science system are particularly well positioned. These include, for example, topics relating to the energy and mobility transition, resource-conserving economic activity or the food and agriculture system. 
  • Digitality is driven forward through the thriving development of Lower Saxony as a digital science location, the promotion of artificial intelligence, data science and cyber security as well as the networking of university locations. 
  • Cutting-edge research is promoted by raising the profile of universities, attracting outstanding personalities and promoting basic research and cross-location cooperation. 

In the period from 2023 to 2027 the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science, the Volkswagen Foundation, the Scientific Commission of Lower Saxony, the universities, non-university research institutions, the Innovation Center of Lower Saxony and other competent partners will join forces to progressively implement “Agenda zukunft.niedersachsen”. The central elements of zukunft.niedersachsen are the exchange of knowledge and the creation of new cooperation activities between various scientific institutions and economic actors in order to further develop an even more efficient and structured science system.