The joint funding program of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture and the Volkswagen Foundation aims at promoting research, education, and transfer in the federal state of Lower Saxony.

View of a modern library with rows of light-coloured bookshelves
seminar room with students and professor
A woman in a white coat with a hygiene cap on her head stands at a screen in a modern hall with technical equipment
A woman with a pipette in her hand works on a laboratory fume cupboard


The largest funding program in Lower Saxony’s history opens up unique opportunities for science.



Our profile areas are designed to support Lower Saxony’s universities and research institutions, helping them to develop further and find answers to the challenging issues of our time.

new knowledge

We promote the development of new initiatives, strengthen cross collaboration, and support the strategic development of higher education.

bright minds

We support universities in the acquisition of talented researchers.

additional infrastructure

We expand the structural basis of research and teaching, both analog and digital.


We are undergoing a profound transformation of our economy and way of life. Our aim is to emerge stronger in ecological, social, and economic contexts. We have identified three areas of particularly important future challenges in which our funding programs should have a strong impact.


Shaping sustainable social and ecological transformation in the economy and the science system.


Thinking ahead about the interaction between people and machines, using data as a key resource.

cutting-edge research

Promoting outstanding researchers and establishing promising fields of research.