bright minds

Lower Saxony
Impulse Professorship


deadline: June 1, 2024; Nov. 15, 2024
area of research: all
type of funding: additional equipment, if necessary a separate position
eligible: high-performing academics whose doctorate was awarded up to 10 years ago

what we promote

The "Lower Saxony Impulse Professorship" addresses academics approaching the end of their early career phase up to a maximum of ten years after completing their doctorate. It is intended to support universities in the state of Lower Saxony in their efforts to attract and retain early career researchers – thereby consolidating Lower Saxony as a science location.

The program addresses academics approaching the end of the early career phase up to a maximum of ten years after completing their doctorate. The funding is intended to increase their promising career potential in terms of disciplinary expertise as well as their capacity to shape research profiles and structures. In this light, it seeks to boost their potential for future leadership roles ("rising stars").

one program - three funding lines

The "Lower Saxony Impulse Professorship" is one of three funding lines of the program "Lower Saxony Professorships", which are intended to attract and retain outstanding academics to Lower Saxony within the framework of individual funding:

  • "Lower Saxony Professorship" (funding line 1): top international talent
  • "Lower Saxony Impulse Professorship" (funding line 2): high-performing academics in the early career phase
  • "Lower Saxony Profile Professorship" (funding line 3, advice and application via the MWK): personalities who raise the profile of Lower Saxony’s university locations

How to apply

terms and conditions
Please read the "Information for Applicants" carefully and familiarize yourself with the application conditions. Please also take note of the FAQs.
prepare your application
Consultation with the Volkswagen Foundation is recommended before submitting an application.
submit application
Applications can be submitted by individual researchers. The application must be submitted online via the Volkswagen Foundation's Application System.
review and decision
An interdisciplinary scientific committee assesses the applications and invites the candidates to present their project. If the number of applications is high, a pre-selection may be made following the results of a selection procedure.


Dr. Harald Barre
Simone Künnecke