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Our way of life and our economy is undergoing profound change. We want to emerge from this transformation stronger in ecological, social, and economic terms. We have identified three areas of future development in which our funding programs should have a strong impact.


Shaping social and ecological change in science and the economy in a sustainable way.


Thinking ahead about the interaction between people and machines and treating data as a key resource.

cutting-edge research

Promoting outstanding researchers and establishing promising fields of research.

financing& history

The largest part of our funding comes from the annual dividend on 30.2 million Volkswagen shares held by the state of Lower Saxony. Further funds were added in 2023 through the IPO of Porsche AG. The funds are awarded in accordance with the Foundation’s purpose of supporting scientific projects and activities originating in Lower Saxony and must comply with the principle of additionality.

who’sbehind it

For more than 60 years, the Ministry of Science and Culture and the Volkswagen Foundation have been working together to strengthen research and education in Lower Saxony. Together, we develop the funding programs and decide which projects are to be funded following expert review.

our network

We cooperate closely with politics, science, and economic actors.

quality assurance

A high-caliber strategic advisory board accompanies the implementation of the program. Ensuring scientific quality is a central part of every funding program