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Research Cooperation Lower Saxony Israel – Proposals from the Humanities and Social Sciences

Nächster Stichtag / Deadline: May 31, 2024 (12pm)

The Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony and the Volkswagen Foundation allocate grants for joint research projects between researchers at universities or research institutions in Lower Saxony and in Israel (For a list of eligible institutions please see the FAQs).

area of research: Humanities and Social Sciences
type of funding: cooperative research projects
eligible: Applicants must hold a PhD (or equivalent). The program is geared towards scientists and scholars at an early stage in their careers.
funding amount: up to 500,000 EUR
funding term: up to 4 years
proposals must be written in English

1. Objectives

The objective of this program is to promote outstanding scientific high-risk –high-gain cooperation projects. The cooperation has to be justified coherently and explained in its design. To set impulses for new collaborations and to enable possibly long-lasting academic exchange, the program explicitly ad-dresses scholars and scientists at an early career stage.

The funding program addresses different disciplines (Humanities and Social Sciences; Life Sciences and Medicine; Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering Sciences) in different years. The current call for application invites proposals from the Humanities and Social Sciences.

It is possible to apply for interdisciplinary projects, involving expertise from e. g. the life science, engineering or natural sciences. The thematic and/or methodological focus of such projects has to lie in the disciplines addressed in the given year, though. This focus has to be substantiated by the applying consortium.

2. Scope of Funding

Funding is provided for scientifically outstanding projects which follow a truly original idea and for which the additional benefit of a cooperative approach can be clearly accounted for from a scientific point of view. This requires an objective that enables the project participants from both countries to favorably combine their competencies and research experiences. The joint scientific work including e.g. research visits and/or the organization of joint events is therefore of particular importance. The set-up of new cooperations within the framework of this funding program will be given priority.

Applicants must hold a PhD (or equivalent). As the program is geared towards scientists and scholars at an early stage in their careers, preference will be given to applicants who have defended their PhD within the last seven years (from the deadline).

To increase interdisciplinary networking at least one participation at the biannual Israel-conference in Hannover is expected during the duration of the project.

All direct costs for personnel, consumables, equipment and travel necessary to conduct the project may be applied for. The maximum grant is up to 500.000 EUR for a maximum funding period of four years. Overheads cannot be covered.

In exceptional cases, it is possible to fund the position of the applicants in parts. If funding for PhD students is applied for, positions have to be calculated according to at least 65% TV-L 13 for a period of three years (for positions at an institution in Lower Saxony) (Please calculate according to the Ministry’s personnel rates for academic staff (see website, download column on the right). The Foundation’s personnel rates (as specified in the electronic application system) are not applicable here. ); deviations have to be justified. In order to facilitate the collaboration further, it is possible to apply for joint post-doctoral positions (100% TV-L 13). In Israel, an equivalent salary applies according to local standards.

3. Application and Selection Procedure

The applications will be reviewed comparatively by a review panel, there will be no written reviews for the individual applications. In case the reviewers identify more projects being clearly eligible for funding than funds are available, the Foundation may introduce the instrument of a lottery to determine which of these projects will receive funding.

A funding decision can be expected about 8-9 months after the deadline. Please note that due to the comparative review no detailed feedback on the proposals will be provided.

Applications once rejected (by the Volkswagen Foundation or other funders) cannot be re-submitted, neither in revised form. Applications submitted to other funders cannot be submitted to the Volkswagen Foundation concurrently.

Please also consider the related FAQs.

4. Application

Applications have to be submitted by the lead applicant in Lower Saxony online via the Volkswagen Foundation’s electronic application system

up to May 31, 2024 12:00 pm CET.

In this call, multiple applications by one applicant are ineligible. Applicants must complete the relevant forms posted on the Application Portal, provide details on the applicants, the recipient of funds (academic institution in Lower Saxony), title, time frame, costs (incl. budget justification) (one budget for the Lower Saxon applicant and one for the Israeli co-applicant), as well as a legally binding declaration.

Applications must contain the following information and documents:

Attachments (PDF-Files only):
  • Cover Letter (optional)
  • Proposal according to the template file
    Proposal description in English; please use the template available as download on the website of the Volkswagen Foundation (max. 38.000 characters incl. spaces for the project description + references).
  • Short CVs
    The CV should include the 10 most important publications (max. 2 page/applicant); links to ORCID, research gate, google scholar or similar profiles – if existing – are welcome.
Upload as “other enclosures:
  • Copy of doctoral degree award/PhD certificate (from both applicants)
  • Data management plan (if applicable)
  • Statement of the recipient of funds
    Statement of the recipient of funds, i. e. the academic institution in Lower Saxony (please use the – German – form available as download on the website of the Volkswagen Foundation, sign it (applicant in Lower Saxony).

5. Contact

Dr. Harald Barre
Tel.: +49 511 8381-247

Für organisatorische/administrative Fragen und Telefontermine:
Simone Künnecke
Tel.: +49 511 8381-255

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